Greg Munger - giving thanks
I would like to acknowledge my debt to the teachers that have helped me, and thank them for the time they spent with me.

I started studying art seriously at Immaculate Heart College, in Hollywood. My teachers there were Detta Lange, David Meckelburg and Dick Crawford. The style that I learned from them was fairly abstract, using flat planes of color. Their emphasis on working from life has had a profound effect on me. The painter that I associate with this time in my life is Jawlensky.

I spent several years painting with two childhood friends, Les Birleson and Jim Lounsbury, in Yellow Springs, Ohio. I mostly painted landscapes, with some figure and still lifes. I think my favorite color during this period was cadmium yellow pale.

In 1979 I was able to spend a year in France painting. I was greatly helped in this by a family friend, Barbera Campbell, a printmaker who had moved to France. I spent all of my time in a small part of Provence, largely in the village of St Romain, near Avignion. It is a beautiful countryside, with vines, olive trees and limestone cliffs. This period formed my painting style, based on my love of French painting.

Upon return I was encouraged to attend Eastern Michigan University by one of the professors there, James McGee. Once enrolled I was most influenced by Michial Zahratka and Jan Field in painting. At this time I met my wife, Pam Wheelock.

I lived near Woodstock, New York for a few years. This was my first chance to live somewhere in this country that had a local painting tradition, both the Woodstock school of the 1920's, and earlier the Hudson River school. There I met my friend, Bob Crimi, a painter with roots in the New York school of the 50's.

My home is now Chesterton, Indiana. We have a local art association, and a friend, Suzie Rosso, holds life drawing sessions in her studio. Another friend, Marge Crawford, owns the Coffee Creek Studio where my works have been shown. In this small town I know more artists than I ever have before. I miss the rolling countryside of the Hudson River Valley, but Lake Michigan and the parks in our area are beautiful.

The genisis of this site owes much to the support and encouragement I've gotten from my life coach, Nicki Michaels.


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