Greg Munger - artist's statement

What is an artists' statement?
The short answer is that art has many rituals, and this is one of them. Perhaps a less brief explanation is that everyone viewing an artwork wants to understand what it is about, what the artist was thinking. Do these stories about the paintings change the value of the artwork? I don't think so. But like everything in art, each question has a deeper layer behind it.

What is my style?
I am an abstract artist who paints in the post-impressionist tradition. My approach to painting is non-analytic. For me painting is sensual, and I put less emphasis on bringing in symbolic or thematic material. What I enjoy in other paintings and what I practice myself are two different things. I am in love with paintings from the classic tradition: from Titian to Boucher, though my work is closer to Pisarro, Vlaminick, or Nolde.

Who is my background?
I studied art at a couple of schools (see thanks section). And I ended up with a BFA from Eastern Michigan University, in Ypsilani, Michigan. A long time ago I was able to spend a year painting in France. I have painted on my own a long time.

Scattered Thoughts
For me the act of painting is very powerful.
Painting changes how I see.
I love the process of painting, it is it's own reward.



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